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Chemistry Cleaning Services

Office cleaning that maximizes
your budget
  • Are you tired of broken promises of
    high quality services?
  • Would you like to know that your office
    will be cleaned every service day without fail?
  • Are health and safety issues a concern for you?
  • Would choosing the wrong contractor reflect
    badly on you?
  • Are you frustrated by so many different quotes
    for the same job?
  • Would you like to work with a contractor who
    listens to you?

At Chemistry Cleaning Services,
we recognize how important these
questions are.



To whom it may concern,
Chemistry Cleaning Services have been providing us with ongoing cleaning of our office since February 2012. I can recommend their services as they have proven to be efficient and professional as well as competitively priced.
Best regards,

Hannah Arja
ST George Women’s Housing.


Learn more about our office cleaning services FREE OF CHARGE. Call Chemistry Cleaning Services to get a detailed survey of your property.

Our detailed quote will include clear and understandable cleaning specifications that list all the cleaning tasks and frequencies. Each time we service your office, we use the double check method of cleaning to ensure as far as possible that no cleaning task or item is omitted during the clean.

Finally, we guarantee that our cleaning staff meet strict qualifications. They must pass through an extensive screening process to ensure they are vetted and do not have a criminal record. Then we follow hire with full Health & Safety training as well as training in cleaning procedures.

Here’s our office cleaning commitment.

  • You shouldn’t have to complain about our cleaning standards even once. In the rare event we do overlook some detail; you should never have to bring the matter to our attention again.
  • You have the right to expect our staff to be pleasant and helpful. A surly attitude isn’t appropriate or professional.
  • You should expect our staff to arrive at your office clean and neat in appearance and on schedule. Our sophisticated log in / log out telephone system ensures that your office cleaning is covered at the specified time.
  • You have the right to know exactly what is included in your service package. You don’t deserve increased prices for “EXTRA” services.
  • You should expect our cleaning staff to show up for work at the time the contract stipulates.