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Frustrated by poor cleaning standards and missed cleans in your School, Colleges or Universities? Are you interested in a more service for less?



Chemistry Cleaning Services clean our Church Halls and buildings on a weekly basis. They are consistent and reliable, and take a personal interest in ensuring that our properties are kept clean and to a high standard.

Reverend Roger Bray Senior Minister

Newtown: Erskineville Anglican

Our ambition is to be the preferred service provider for all Schools, Colleges and Universities in respect of all their cleaning needs.

It is our top priority to meet your needs for a clean, safe, and comfortable teaching environment as we know it plays an important role to help create a positive learning experience for pupils.

In today’s financial and political climate, we are also aware of the pressures and budgetary responsibilities that face Principals, Head Teachers and Management Boards and have developed a range of services specifically for Schools, Colleges and Universities to efficiently manage their cleaning services and provide best return on their investment.

If you are not entirely happy with the service received from your cleaning service provider or the standards of your in-house cleaning, we would like to state that you can rely on us to meet your variable demands by tailoring a cost effective cleaning service that addresses your precise requirements.

Our detailed quote will include clear and understandable cleaning specifications that list all the cleaning tasks and frequencies. Each time we service your office, we use the double check method of cleaning to ensure as far as possible that no cleaning task or item is omitted during the clean.

If you wish to discuss your current requirements on a one to one basis then please contact us for a no obligation meeting and discussion.