Chemistry Cleaning Management Systems

Chemistry Cleaning Services management

How much time and money did you waste chasing or complaining to your previous cleaning company?

As we are a locally owned and operated family business we have a direct, vested interest in taking care of our clients. We are very proud to be serving our clients directly. As owners, we focus on consistently and professionally meeting all of our clients cleaning needs. That is why we have developed a cleaning and management system programme, which we ensure that the number of complaints that you as the manager of the cleaning service have to deal with falls dramatically, freeing up your time to concentrate on other things.

Our guarantee

With such a detail to service and a management system in place that we know that works we are able to guarantee that upon entering into a cleaning service that we give you a written guarantee that after six months if you are not happy with Chemistry Cleaning Service we will pay you $500 dollars to find a new cleaning company. Do other companies offer that guarantee?

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1. Developing a “Time Clean” scope of work

Have you ever noticed that cleaners start off good and then after a short amount of time their work performance drops? To overcome this we have developed a “Time Clean” system in the form of a Client’s Requirement Survey.

The Client’s Requirements Survey, allows us to precisely tailor our service to your needs and meet your expectations. Your current contractor has obviously failed to meet your expectations, hence the need for change. This is why we believe that only by closely listening to our prospective clients we can overcome many of the problems you have experienced in the past with other contractors.

Using the latest and most accurate laser measuring tools available, we ensure that only the actual cleaning area is measured. This means that you do not pay us for cleaning “dead or unused” space. We also carry out unit counts and make notes containing details of the surfaces present, to allow us to specify the correct cleaning procedures unique to each type of surface and piece of furniture. This allows each surface or item to be properly cared for, and has the added benefit of prolonging not only the aesthetics but the useful life of each surface or item.

2. Quote Proposed

After visiting your site and closely listening to you we complete the survey. Our representative will supply you corporate folder, containing all the information that you need concerning the cleaning contract. A part from the Time service quote it will include all the information that you will need in order to satisfy the Health & Safety Officer, the Environmental Health Officer from the Local Authority, your Insurance Company and other internal and external bodies.

3. Upon Cleaners commencement we put in place Employee Management System

Employee Clocks In & Out using a toll free number that uses sophisticated caller ID technology to identify where the call is being made.

Voice recognition system so we know for sure who has clocked into a specific account. 100% assurance of the right people in the account at all times.

Alerts are emailed or text messages sent to supervisor and management if employees do not check in by a predetermined time. No more worry about an account being missed.

Management and supervisors can see in real time who is clocked in at all accounts in real time either on a computer or their blackberry.

Management and supervisors know in real time exactly how much time is spent at each account. This avoids employees not spending the required time in the account to assure quality cleaning.

Employees are paid strictly based on the electronic call records so each employee has a vested interest in the accuracy of the system.

4. Review of services

Our representative will conduct weekly site visits to audits the site area against the cleaner task list. Monthly meetings with your office shall be held to discuss and gain feedback on your services with you to see that all expectations are being met